Home Made Focus Depth

How many rolls of film have you shot and waited with bated breath for the film to be developed only to find that most all the shots are out of focus?! I myself after only getting into Lomo cameras this last year have had my fair share.

So i figured that i would simply make a string that i could mark off the distances at which the images should be sharp. I grabbed some nylon string (or whatever you have laying around the house), a tape measure, and some sharpie markers.

Mark off at 1 meter, 2-4 meters, 4-6 meters for the settings on the Diana (or your favorite lomo camera) or put a mark on the string at every meter for setting the focus between the presets on the camera.

See how easy that is. Stunning, i know. All you need now is a way to keep the string together. If only you had a small light weight container to put it in. Oh, hey i can use the film container from any 35mm roll as simple storage for this mod. Wonderfully simple and wonderfully useful.

I am going to try and post some home made splitzers here soon and some shots taken with it.



September is upon us

What a way to start a month. Slightly overcast outside. The bike ride to work this morning was wonderful. It was still nice a few hours later for lunch. I sat out side and listened to the birds chirping and the traffic driving down Oleander. Wishing to take just another hour for lunch to enjoy the outdoors.

The ride to the grocery store yeilded some laughter as we dubbed Spikes ride as "Chigger" or "Chigger Rigged".