Swimming Machine

Good evening all,
Here are a few snap shots of the most recent poster that i have completed. This is only a digital print version of the poster that i will be printing in the coming week for a Kickstarter event. Be on the look out for them. I'll post more info here soon.

Take care and i hope that you are all enjoying the preparations for Christmas.

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Irons In The Fire

Its been a while and i apologize for that. I am pleased to tell you let you know about a few things in the works. I have had the pleasure of working on a new poster for Justin Lacy & the Swimming Machine's KickStarter project. The band is holding a kickoff for the endeavor this coming Friday (Dec 2nd) at Satellite Bar and Lounge. The show will get cranking at 9pm. The poster has proven to be a very challenging piece and i look forward to unveiling it this Friday. If you want to see some sneak peeks feel free to check out my Dribbble page.
Another few events to update you on. I will be participating in an art show up in our glorious State capital this coming January. There will be six local NC Poster Artists that will be hanging our work in the Amplified Art gallery. If your in Raleigh Sat, January 14th please stop in and show some love for gig posters. If you cant make it to the reception i encourage you to stop by between Jan 14 and Feb 10th.

Eric and Sarah (Poster Hound Family Workshop)

George Hage,  

and myself will be the artist showing. I believe all the artist will have work for sale.


Half Remembered Dreams

A few months ago i had the pleasure to sit for Fly, a very talented photographer here in Wilmington. You may know him as Harry Taylor. Fly has been crafting some exquisite photos for years now. I have to say that the Tintypes and Ambrotypes Fly has been creating are by far some of the most amazing images i have have the pleasure to feast my eyes on.

I have my father to thanks for my interest in history. Over the years growing our family would take trips to various battlegrounds and places in America's history that, in one way or another, shaped the country that we call home today. Fly helped bring that a bit closer when he asked me, well to be honest it was my beard that he wanted, to sit for a shoot in the forthcoming issue of Our State North Carolina publication. In the Nov issue, Fly's work is the centerpiece of the Civil War story entitled "A Separate Peace".  Again i am honored to be apart of process & to have lent my beard to to this exciting process of picture making.

Below are a few of Fly's tintypes that i have fallen in love with. There is so much more character and personality to these images than you will find in 90% of the photos being taken today.

These last few images are stills taken from the you tube video about the process of making these incredible images. Do yourself a favor and watch the process and then contact Fly for a photo session.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time


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Gouache Speed Painting

Came across  a video of Erik Tiemens doing a time lapse painting. To be honest i am amazed at his work and was inspired by watching him work. The way the colors were layered and allowed to mix and blend and continue to build upon one another was incredible to see.

You owe it to yourself to go check out some of his work.  Everything from his roughs to his finals are a splendor to look at and study.

Here are some examples of some of my favorites from the most recent posts.

'Gouache Ruins' Speed Painting from Erik Tiemens on Vimeo.

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Made Some Noise

So word has been making its way across the country to Stand Up For Kids and i had a wonderful email in the in box last week from one of the Executive Directors at the organization.

Justin Lacy was also nice enough to put some words together to spread the word about the posters.
You can check out the article over on the Star News Blog.

As far as other updates i may be participating in a poster artist show in Ral at the beginning of next year. If everything comes together it looks like it will take place at the Amplified Art gallery.


Switchfoot & Anberlin Tour Poster

So i had been trying to get a hold of Switchfoot and Anberlin to partner with them in order to raise support for the Stand Up for Kids organization (SUFK). Here is the scoop on SUFK, the poster and concept.
I would be honored to have your help in supporting this cause. I first was spurred to help after seeing a video encouraging those that attended the show to bring a backpack for a kid in need.

My original plan was to print these posters and give them to Switchfoot and Anberlin to sell on tour and in turn give the funds to SUFK or buy backpacks for kids in need. However, that was not in the cards; so i am going to be selling the posters and sending the money raised to SUFK. I typically don't like selling the posters for to much just so everyone can afford to get there hands on some wonderful screen prints. That said these are a little more expensive.

The price for the poster is $25 (plus $5 s+h). Go in with some friends and save on some shipping if you like i'm totally down with that. The specs on the image are 11.5" x 17" on a 12.5" x 19" sheet of 80 lb paper. I have printed 3 editions of about 50 each. The only difference is the paper color. You can have your pick of French Papers Construction Safety Orange, Duro Tone Packing Brown Wrap or a good ole white paper.

Please keep in mind that the profits will be going to a great cause. (If you want to help another cause and get a poster in the process jump over to Ink Initiative and help my buddy Keith Bowman and his team to make an impact.)

The finger print, in its very nature, is a human element that defines who we are. However, there is so much more to us then the blood and water that make up our bodies. That's where the lion come into the picture (in case you couldn't figure out what it was in the fingerprint). The Lionin the finger print represents inner strength and determination. The strength of those on the street and those fighting to help tomorrow be better for them. I liked that it works in duality.

Thanks for hangin in there to the end. Hopefully you have been encouraged to lend a helping hand. Keep in mind that you can always volunteer in your community and brighten the life of someone else.

Here are some shots of the art and the final posters.

Thanks again for stopping by the site and please spread the word. There are about 140 posters left. We are on our way to helping others.

Head over to my site and shoot me an email if you interested in picking up one or more of the posters. I am gonna try and sell as many off Etsy as possible to get as much as possible to SUFK.

Till next time.


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The Wonderful Jacqui Oakley

So i have been inspired yet again by Jacqui Oakley. To be truthful never really stopped being inspired by her work. I stumbled upon her work back while i was in college and flipping through a issue of Rolling Stone.

I most recently found a piece i fell in love with on the dieline. Of course it was one of Jacqui's. It was album art for the Two Crown King. You can check out her process over on her site. As usual her textured underpainting is simply marvelous.

I'm gonna have to break out the paints and experiment on how to get some textures in my own work. I am very interested in how she inks over her paintings. Thought this was wonderful and needed to be shared.

Hope you enjoy checking out her work.




Mute Math Print Process

A final update on the Mute Math Poster. The show was last night and man those guys know how to put on a show. Wanted to share a few shots of the process and final shots of the poster. They are currently available at Gravity Records and available in my etsy store shortly.

First and second color down. I always enjoy printing the reds and magentas, they lend themselves to transparency much more so than the blues.

Having to add a bit more red to the ink as it got near to the end of the run. Had a bit more coverage that was being laid down and started getting a little thin.

Here are a few final shots and some details.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.