Enjoying My Fifteen Minutes

Ok, so this is a shameless plug...but Brian Tucker over at the Star News here in Wilmington NC has put together an article that talks about a few of my posters. I am proud of it and wanted to share it with you.

I was very impressed with Brian Tucker as we talked about the articles and artists that he has written about. Tucker impressed me as a guy that acknowledges that there is more going on around our community than we know. He wants to take time to help shed some light on local creatives and given them a bit of a platform, even if for only those coveted "fifteen minutes".

Thank you Brian Tucker for taking an interest in my art/posters and putting the article together. It feels good to know that my work made you stop and pause for a moment. I hope that i can help give a platform to others and encourage them in there endeavors in the future as well.



Here are an article of showcasing some more local talent from my buddy Jeff Bridgers. Amazing what this guy can do with some metal and heat.

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