Splitzer time

Basically i grabbed a yogurt container, the one i found that worked best was the Lowes Food brand yogurt. Also grab an aerosol lid. the fit that worked for me was an old 3m Spray mount lid.

I first mashed the 3m lid down into the yogurt cut as far as i could. and made sure that the lid was straight using the ingredient lines to guide me. marked off where the gap in the two containers started. Using a Dremel, i removed half of the aerosol lid and cut down the length as well to the length marked on the outside of the yogurt container.
At this point i mashed the 3m lid down into the yogurt container. This is a tight fit, which practically held itself in place. But i threw a little tape on there for good measure.

It fits both the diana and the holga. Removing just the right amount of the yogurt bottom was the hardest part. I again used the packaging lines as a guide. After playing with this i went back and hot glued the 3m lid to the yogurt container to keep it there and sprayed the whole thing with some flat black spray paint. i have read about people doing this to the insides of there holga to reduce the light bouncing around on the shiny plastic parts onto your film. Was trying to cut down on the lense flare issues on the splitzer. Here is a shot of 35mm that i hacked through the holga. I'll explain that more later. It was fun checking out all the old school Corvettes and seeing them over the years. I must say i like the old ones better.


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A couple of new things

Ok, so i got a Holga GN with the bulb feature...Its very important that you know, before you load film, the orientation for the switch to be in B or N mode.
As you can tell by this "crisp and not blurry at all" image, i did not do that. Well i did take the back off to see if the B and N worked and it did. In my excitement i forgot to make a note of it before loading film into it! This redheaded future gunslinger was awesome. He had a six shooter on one hip and a lightsaber on the other. Sounds like the perfect mix. Firefly/Joss Whedon, we love you, pour one out.
Alas most of the roll came out blurry do to this mix up.

Here are a couple that turned out in spite of myself.

A happy accident! Justin Munn is preparing to shred it. Crimson Refuge check em out on myspace. Really cool guys. This was the Stryper Concert in Cary 10.17.09. Probably the best show to date for these guys! Oh and Stryper, yeah they were pretty good too.

Dosha our new pseudo cat. Colby Jack, our orange pseudo pet cat has moved away and now Dosha "lives" with us. Chilling in the "backyard" doing some grooming. I tapped on the window to get her attention, i was surprised to see her look up. Every time i tapped she looked up. I started to laugh while laying on the floor to take this. Pleasantly surprised with this one.

Highway 86, beautiful day! Black crud from who know what. I guess its on the old sample film i bought off ebay. Hopefully all the rolls wont turn out with it on there, but it's sorta cool too.

I am getting some use out of the measuring string guide. It has helped me better gauge depth over the last two rolls of film. I also have created a splitzer out of a yogurt can and an aerosol spray can lid. Photos to come of the process and of how well it works.