MUTE MATH Odd Soul Tour

I am pleased to share that Mute Math is coming to Wilmington on their Odd Soul Tour. They will be stopping by the Soapbox on Sept 13th. I have to say that i am looking forward to feeling the walls and floor move with the swaying of the souls inside.

It is wonderful to have friends with connections and that like the work that you are producing. After talking about wanting to produce a poster for the Mute Math show, my wonderful friend, Mr Holloman, was ale to get the band to give me the go ahead to produce a poster for the show.

To be honest, i liked the idea of producing posters for shows when the bands didn't know i was doing them. The pressure was a lot less intense. Now i find that i have placed myself in a pressure cooker to make it the most amazing poster yet. I have started poster and have a sneak peek for you to look at over on my Dribbble page.

In case you're not familiar with Mute Math i highly suggest you check them out. You need to check out some of there videos. Here is one of there recent vids that i am in love with.

I'll keep you posted on how the poster is progressing.


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Featured on FPO

So i am fortunate enough to join the many talented folks that have been show cased over at Under Constructions FPO blog. The Avett Poster was a big hit here in Wilmington back at the Azalea Festival. I wish that i had been able to get a hold of the Avett's and had made the poster for them. As it turned out, it became a self initiated project that i get to add to my personal work.

Thanks to all that were able to purchase a print.

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Hopscotch Posterscotch

So as many of you know, music and art are two of my favorite things. I found out about this event called Hopscotch through the wonderful peeps over at Gravity Records. Matt Keen is a social media giant, as well as vinyl enthusiast, who turned me on to the event one day in a tweet.

Hopscotch Music Festival is a 3 day music through down. This years even is being headlined by Flaming Lips and Guided by voices. They also announced the first POSTERscotch to coincide with the Hopscotch Festival. Posterscotch is basically a way to promote local North Carolina Artist who specialize in the Gig Poster realm. To kick off the inaugural event they opened up a contest for any North Carolina artist to put together a poster for the event. The only stipulations were it had to contain the dates of the event, Raleigh and Hopscotch Music Festival.

Here are all the posters that were entered. It was a long weekend of tweeting and facebooking friends to try and round up more votes. There was quite the battle for facebook dominance before a victor finally emerged. Finally with a lead of only 15 votes a poster was announced the winner and participant in a gallery show showcasing the talents of 9 other NC artists. It was Gravity Record's own Sarah Parson, 1/2 of the Posterhound Family Workshop.

I put up a fight and came in third, but was able to celebrate with Eric and Sarah over pancakes this week. We talked about the poster and we taped together the film and began to burn the screens to make her Hopscotch poster. Be sure to check it all out this coming Sept 8-10, 2011.
Many of my sketches can be seen over on my Dribbble page. But here are some other shots of the process and my contribution to the contest. Maybe i'll have better luck next year with rounding up some facebook love to make it into the galleried exhibit. So start spreading the word folks.

Here is my initial sketch, followed by a refined sketch to try and figure out where the type should best be seated in the poster. And of course the final image that was lovingly crafted.

If you're like my wife, you wondering what the crap a cat in a space suit has to do with anything. I've also heard someone ask "I always do wonder, though, why gig posters are so hard to read whilst walking by?" Well the way i see it is simple. You have this wonderful area of space that you get to create within. You can make the type huge so you can read it across the street OR you can make a compelling image that will catch someones eye and cause them to travel across the street to take a closer look. At that point you have them. They are visually digesting the poster and Oh look, there is information about a show coming up. Being an illustrator at heart, i will always put images over type. Well unless its beautifully crafted hand rendered type such as the likes of Jessica Hische. Then you can have a big poster where the info is center stage, cause really it is an art piece by the time she gets done with it.

So back to "Why a can in space?" So basically that is summed up with this...Flaming Lips are headlining. Period. I felt that the sky was the limit for this based solely on the fact that they were headlining. The Flaming Lips are so creative with there live performances and music that i wanted to try and create something that would lend itself to being part of there act or something. I mean when you hear stories of fans bring them there poop and talking about it like some sort of experience and right of passage, a cat in a space suit seems sorta tamed right?

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