MUTE MATH Odd Soul Tour

I am pleased to share that Mute Math is coming to Wilmington on their Odd Soul Tour. They will be stopping by the Soapbox on Sept 13th. I have to say that i am looking forward to feeling the walls and floor move with the swaying of the souls inside.

It is wonderful to have friends with connections and that like the work that you are producing. After talking about wanting to produce a poster for the Mute Math show, my wonderful friend, Mr Holloman, was ale to get the band to give me the go ahead to produce a poster for the show.

To be honest, i liked the idea of producing posters for shows when the bands didn't know i was doing them. The pressure was a lot less intense. Now i find that i have placed myself in a pressure cooker to make it the most amazing poster yet. I have started poster and have a sneak peek for you to look at over on my Dribbble page.

In case you're not familiar with Mute Math i highly suggest you check them out. You need to check out some of there videos. Here is one of there recent vids that i am in love with.

I'll keep you posted on how the poster is progressing.


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