Aphasic Algebra Poster

Many of you have been following along with the Dribbble posts that i have been making for the upcoming Mute Math poster. I am please to announce that the art work is finally finished and the film has been printed, paper ordered and screens coated. Looks like i might be able to pull these bad boys this coming week. As always the poster will be a limited edition. I am planning on having a hand full available as pre-sale posters at a discount to all you folks that have been kind enough to read along and watch the poster unfold. For more information about the poster pre-sale be sure to check out my twitter feed for details.

Now on to the details and process of the poster. I had some fun with the Dribbble post for the Mute Math poster. Aphasic Algebra is a silly renaming of the band, Mute Math. I wanted to drop a hint as to what the project would be much like the little tidbits of imagery that Dribbble showcases. It very well may have been the late night that made me THINK it was brilliant and clever to name it Aphasic Algebra. The band is touring in support of their forthcoming album, out Oct 4th. I was super excited to know that they were going to be stopping in our backyard here in Wilmington NC. The inspiration for the poster imagery came from the title of the album Odd Soul. What does a soul look like, then what does an odd soul look like? Had some ideas that just didn't quite add up and didn't work with the rest of the poster. These guys always seem to be dressed in suits when ever they preform. I'd like to think is due to the New Orleans roots.

Below are some of the sketches and the progress of the poster.

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