Words of Wisdom

Far to often i find that those that have pioneered the industry before we think we started pushing the envelope, are steeped in all kinds of wisdom.

Far to often i find myself jumping behind the computer instead of really thinking through designs or illustrations. There are plenty of artist that are on the scene now that Justin Gerard amazes me with some of the sketches that he puts together. Some of the pieces he is working on for the upcoming comic con are looking pretty sweet.

All that to say i need to keep drawing, and you should probably do the same.



i set up an etsy account a while back to sell off some of those Thermals Posters.
Got several left, and looking to make some more poster for some up coming shows here in Wilmington.

Hope to get some other prints made of earlier work and up on etsy before to long.


Good Things Do Happen To Good People

Many of you already know about The Avett Brothers. If you don't, you owe it to yourself to sheck them out.

You have to love it when the good guys that have been putting in time, blood, sweat and tears...then watch the effort pay off. The Avett Brothers have been playing tunes for ten years or so. Before that, Nemo the Back Porch Project could be heard in the halls of the ECU art building, Chico's and the surrounding streets.

Their new video that NPR showcases on All Things Considered, Showcases yet another ECU Painting Major Jason Ryan Mitcham. Probably one of the nicest fellows you'll ever met as well as a killer painter. It makes me happy when people succeed in the endeavors of their passion.

Check it out and enjoy the tunes and the thoughts behind the song and video.


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Some Lomo Love

Well, I finally got around to scanning from film this week. I have to say the more i shoot with the Holga the more i love it. The Diana F+ with 35 backer doesn't quite hold up any more. The 35mm shots that i put through the Holga turned out better than those that go through the Diana. Granted i only used black & white film in the Holga but still the images seemed to have a lot more character than the Diana.

Would love to hear any thoughts on some other 35mm films to try out. I am using Kodak Portra 400 VC in the Holga and pretty much love it. I might have to find some 35mm of the Portra if they make it, to try in the Diana.

This last roll of 120 film that i shot spans almost 9 months. I started back in Nov last year when Julie and i found out we were pregnant. Unfortunately, many of the weeks during a winter pregnancy were grey and don't lend well to lomo photographs.

Here are some quick looks at the last nine months.

Had the chance to shoot a couple of friends that were expecting to, Steph and Hart. I need to upload some of the digital that we took as well. Got to playing with some actions and had some fun screwing everything a little.

As you can see the 35mm are a bit grey. But Its really beautiful when you get some snow. Especially in Wilmington NC. Most of the time there is a line drawn across I40 about 25-40 miles north of ILM, and snow never ventures past it.

This year i guess the snow got a little brave.

Horse drawn carriage was out as well to show the beautiful snow covered streets off to those brave enough to jump in for and brave the cold.

Alley entrance downtown Wilmington that caught my eye.

Hart and Steph Wilkie asked Julie and i to take some pictures to remember the pregnancy. We missed the really good morning light downtown. Just got a late start on the day.

Some more scene shots of Downtown Wilmington.

Julie and i went down to the Big Block Art Print Show down in Carolina Beach May 22 to

Flea Market Roosters from Danville, Virginia.

Thanks for stopping in



Untitled #1

Well there are always those personal projects that you keep under wraps until the unveiling. Well Julie and i are unveiling a collaboration that we have been working on for about 9 months.

Yeah you guessed it, our baby has been born.
Coraline Lynn Reed was born June 27 2010, 4:03 pm, 6 lbs and 17" long. Im sure that there will be more coming. I have to take some shots with the Holga and get them posted.



Baby Jonah

It seems like everyone is having baby's these days.

Got to try out the 50mm 1:8 lens that we picked up a while back. It really is a great lens. It has spoiled me and made me appreciate fast glass. Now all i want are 2:8s or lower, so i have to start saving up my pennies.

Here are some shots, with some minimal "Cross Processing" or B/W treatment done to them. You're a smart bunch you can figure out which is which.

Stay tuned for some Lomo Love coming your way. There are 2 rolls of some Holga/Diana action i'm gonna be scanning and posting, hopefully soon.



Home Made Frames

Well a few weeks back i got it in to my head to make some frames for those wonderful Tin Types Fly took of Julie and i. Everything i saw in the store was way to clean and polished for the photos. They needed a real, weathered feel to them.

I found some old palettes, cut em up (thanks for the help & use of your shop Donnie) and nailed em back together. There are some issues that i need to fix for the frames but over all i am happy with them. The jury is still out on whether or not to darken the frames with a stain or not.

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