Some Really Rad Typography

In an effort to make this blog more interesting i am going to be posting some more of my interweb findings. Tonight i came across some wonderful type put together by Rus Khasanov. Please check out more of his work. It will challenge how you look at your next project.

He does some pretty amazing vector portraits as well. You'll find them in his art portion of the website. I havent figured out how to get the gradient mesh tool to work as cleanly as this fellow, but i certainly am going to keep giving it a go.

Thanks for dropping in. Till next time, stay curious




Staying Busy - Focus on Fuse 2012

Well it's been far to long since my last post. Much change has been going on in my life and some new developments. I've been hard at work over the last several months designing and concepting with the design team over at Port City Community Church. I joined the team back in July. I have had the pleasure of working on about 6 or 7 series titles and graphics as well as branding a week of FUSE summer camp.
This post will be focusing on the branding of the FUSE Summer Camp for PC3. The camp session centered around the concept of an old science lab where they talked about elements that are pertinent to you spiritual walk. The Title was simply Elemental.  The art direction given was to be similar to the DHARMA Initiative from the television show LOST.

Below are some photos of the elements that Racheal Dowdy and I created and some of the final videos that were crafted by the Media Team video gurus, Parrish Stikeleather, Joey Connolley and Luke Brown. Here are some graphic elements that were created for the student and counselors alike. Some note taking elements, camp map, t-shirts, name badges and bandannas.

The media team is also responsible for filming and producing videos for the week of camp. The annual treat for FUSE summer camp are the CHIPs Tips videos. Below are a few stills from the days of shooting. We had fun with the Elemental theme and ran with the mad scientist/DHARMA stuff.

Here is the opener of the CHIPs Tips videos that we made for the week.

Project Elemental | Video Log 001 from PC3 Media on Vimeo.

As for the camp it was pretty awesome in regards to the activities they had planned. Here are some stills from the week to help give you an idea of what it looked like from day to day

FUSE 12 Recap from PC3 Media on Vimeo.

Working on FUSE was a complete BLAST. I can not wait until next year when it comes back around. One of the more comprehensive design projects I have been able to work on.

Thanks for stopping in.