Love Language Poster

Here are some type development and color schemes i am working on for an upcoming poster and show. Still trying to decide whether i should type set the rest of the info or use the hand written type as well.

The magenta and cyan are a palette that i enjoy but also felt it lent itself to the boy meets girl aspect of the songs. Lots of songs about relationships both good and bad. Well see how it turns out when its finished.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6
Option 7

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Purposeful Pinhole

Every now and again you come across something so simple and wonderful that you have to share it with everyone you know. I came across this in my rabbit trails of late night interwebbing and thought that this is worth sharing. I was completely excited to think that i could possibly brighten the day of someone on the the other side of the world, someone who i've never met before. That old saying of a picture is worth a thousand words is taken to another level. I think i'll have to get some of these to send to those that became my family in Thailand and then see about meeting some new family members in some other parts of the world.

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Do Horses Swim?

Last night UNCW hosted Tyler Ramsey and Beta Radio in the Burney Center. If you missed it, your loss. It had been a while since i have enjoyed as intimate of a show as was delivered to those who came out. You may know of Tyler Ramsey as he has been touring with Band Of Horses for a spell now. If not I encourage you to stop by your local record store to see if they have a copy.

I, unfortunately, forgot the camera to snap some shots of the show. Fortunately, Millie Holloman was handy with her iPhone to snap some shots of the event. I have to mention again that Tyler was one of the most down to earth musician i have had the pleasure to meet.
Beta Radio cam e out and warmed up the crowd nicely.

Also put some personal projects on hold to make some room for making a poster for the event. There were a few concepts that i bounced around before i had had a chance to listen to Tyler's music. It was his title track, A Long Dream, that stuck with me and helped steer the direction posters. It was a quick and simple idea of and underwater dream. What might that look like?

I wanted it to be a slightly odd portrait of Tyler. Just a hint of juxtaposition in the imagery. If you remember your dreams, you're aware that some things just don't add up. They're off ever so slightly that you don't pick up on it till after your awake. It would be perfectly normal for a guy to walk around the street with goggles and a snorkel in a dream, right? Well it would in mine. Put him underwater and in a button down western style shirt and you start wondering a little bit. Am i in another "Weekend at Burnie's"

Here is the rough sketch of the type. Didn't stray to much from here to the final.

Here is the first color thought. I liked the contrast that i could get but the magenta was to punchy. I wanted to cultivate the underwater color scheme of blues and greens.

Then came this option. I liked the addition of green into the palette, but felt the contrast in the portrait would not survive once over printed. Shift the visual weight to the bottom of the poster and add some air bubbles and i think we're ready to roll.

I ended up going with the call to make the drawing the dark blue and shading in green and over print the "sea" with a light blue.

If you like what you see here, head on over to the etsy store and pick on up. Being this close to the holidays, i have to say it...stocking stuffer.

While i was taking in the show i tried to get some sketching in. I have always wondered how character designers capture people when out sketching in public. I have the hardest time with this. Again, my admiration goes up for all you character designers out there.

Thanks for the visit. Hope you have a tremendous Thanksgiving. May it be filled with laughter and love of those close to your heart.



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Designing For Yourself Sucks

So originally this post was started back on 7/19/10 at 10:49 PM. A little more than a fortnight after my little girl was born. The sketching had started back in Jan. So when i think about it, this project has been hangin over my head for nearly a year. Not really sure how many hours i have logged on this project. It's now close to 5 months since the original post had been started. The best part is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thought i might share with you a few of the revisions and steps that i went through. Some of the original sketches of course were for a boy back when we didn't know what we where going to have. Even looking at it now, the type treatment looks more masculine than i thought.

Once i got all excited and was certain we where having a boy i put the sketches down and waited to work on the details till after we knew the details. You know the weight, time, date, length etc.
Glad i did cause we ended up having a girl and felt that softer curvy lines would lend themselves to the the announcement.

Once the letters had been refined a bit, i moved on to illustrator to clean things up a bit. Tried out some color ideas. I didn't want to do a standard blue=boy pink=girl card so i went round and round with what to use.

At this point i had come to the orange and pink colors. The plan at this point is that i would be screen printing these beasts by hand... I know, "what was i thinking." I have about 150-200, double sided, tri-fold self mailer that i telling myself i was gonna screen print. Then affix a photo of Coraline to the announcement before mailing. I was trying my best to keep it a two color job. Wanted to take advantage of the translucency of the inks and the paper color. A lot of thought went into making the card look more like 3-4 colors.

That is what it looked like a few weeks back. I had come close to finally finishing this task only to realized that Christmas is only a month or so away. Why not make more work and tweak the colors one last time and make it my our Xmas letter. It's already late, why not. Below are the individual panels of the final colors. I have to say i am pretty excited to get these out to the printer, and out in the mail.

I'll post some pictures of the finals once we get them back from the printer.
Hope you enjoyed these process pieces. There are lots of things i have learned on this single project over the course of the year. Here are some of them:

• I now have more of an appreciation for those that create typefaces.
• Those that are able to create pen tool curves w/out bumps or awkward tangents make me sick and jealous.
• CS 5 didn't come out soon enough.
• The Illustrator "Width Tool" will be your best friend.
• Don't tell your wife you won't design and print any more posters before you finish the announcements. Why? It will make you a liar.
• The week you take off of work to be home with the wife and baby will not be when you can finish the birth announcement.
• You will stare at your baby for hours in silence and be totally fine.

And the final tidbit i'll take from this project is the truth in the old saying
"You're your own worst client". I have to say, "Yes, yes i am."




iamReedicus is on Twitter

Ok so i am also now on twitter, if any one wants to follow along with the randomness that will take place with the postings. There will be a little bit of everything. Life, art, photography, design and some illustration stuff in there. iamReedicus is the twitter handle.

I found out today that Sam Weber has the coveted cover for the American Illustration 29. The dude is seriously talented.

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After i got home this evening i took out some trash to the can out back. Then went to pick up the water can to water some of the plants. Little tree frog was just chillin there. So i ran back in the house to grab the camera. Since the sun had gone all but behind the trees, the 1:8 was a life saver.

Played around with some processing trying to decide which look i like the best and these were the ones that i decided were may favorites.

Still working on getting the images together for iamReedicus.com. Hope to have some live images by the end of Nov. But realistically it will be the first of the year. Since you cant get any thing down after the first of Nov.

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