iamReedicus is on Twitter

Ok so i am also now on twitter, if any one wants to follow along with the randomness that will take place with the postings. There will be a little bit of everything. Life, art, photography, design and some illustration stuff in there. iamReedicus is the twitter handle.

I found out today that Sam Weber has the coveted cover for the American Illustration 29. The dude is seriously talented.

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After i got home this evening i took out some trash to the can out back. Then went to pick up the water can to water some of the plants. Little tree frog was just chillin there. So i ran back in the house to grab the camera. Since the sun had gone all but behind the trees, the 1:8 was a life saver.

Played around with some processing trying to decide which look i like the best and these were the ones that i decided were may favorites.

Still working on getting the images together for iamReedicus.com. Hope to have some live images by the end of Nov. But realistically it will be the first of the year. Since you cant get any thing down after the first of Nov.

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