Love Language Poster

Here are some type development and color schemes i am working on for an upcoming poster and show. Still trying to decide whether i should type set the rest of the info or use the hand written type as well.

The magenta and cyan are a palette that i enjoy but also felt it lent itself to the boy meets girl aspect of the songs. Lots of songs about relationships both good and bad. Well see how it turns out when its finished.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6
Option 7

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  1. SO GOOOOOD!!!
    I like 5 and 7 the best.
    If 5- I would change the stars to <3's though.
    Leaning towards 7...
    Who are you?
    These are amazing?
    R. Benjamin?

  2. Thanks for the complements. The name is Doc, and i'm just a bloke here in Wilm, NC that likes to create. Designer by day screen printer by night and weekends.
    Thanks for stopping by. i am curious how you found/stumbled upon me.