Good Things Do Happen To Good People

Many of you already know about The Avett Brothers. If you don't, you owe it to yourself to sheck them out.

You have to love it when the good guys that have been putting in time, blood, sweat and tears...then watch the effort pay off. The Avett Brothers have been playing tunes for ten years or so. Before that, Nemo the Back Porch Project could be heard in the halls of the ECU art building, Chico's and the surrounding streets.

Their new video that NPR showcases on All Things Considered, Showcases yet another ECU Painting Major Jason Ryan Mitcham. Probably one of the nicest fellows you'll ever met as well as a killer painter. It makes me happy when people succeed in the endeavors of their passion.

Check it out and enjoy the tunes and the thoughts behind the song and video.


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