Out and About Town Textures

Went down to the farmers market this morning with Julie and Coraline. I try to grab the camera whenever we are heading downtown. I always see something that i haven't before or the light is changing how it looks and interacts with the surroundings.

Bricks are a subject that catch my eyes quite often. These were wonderful due to the irregular coloring or staining that had taken place. The back alleys and side streets are a terrific place to find these city treasures.

While we were out i noticed how the feet and toes of my little girl contrasted the rough textures and peeling paint of the bricks and power units i had found earlier.

The next few pictures are a great example of things truly juxtapose the soft innocent qualities of a baby girl. You probably can find graffiti anywhere in the city. Some times they hit you as an interesting way at looking at life or just some bloke with nothing better to do that screw with other people. These next two cause my eye as the three of us too a break and enjoyed the breeze down by the river and boardwalk. I think it was the bright yellow stickers on this brilliant turquoise. As i got closer you could see the grim of the city dug and settled into the pores on this metal casing. Right around the corner was the next photo. I am glad to see that some people really believe in art. Choice wording though

I am finding that old painted signs continue to catch my attentions. There is just something about the look of hand painted signs. Especially one that have been around for a while and are quite faded and rusty from the exposure to the elements. A few weeks back we made trip up to GVegas to visit some friends from our ECU days. One of my favorite old sheds lives out just off the road on the way through Chinquapin. The sun was on its way down as we came back to Wilmington when we got tot ht shed. I took about 10 minutes or so taking some more pictures of the shed in this evening light.

Here is the original and one that i tweaked a little using some cross processing curves in good ole Photoshop.


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