Holga Portra 400VC

Well i got some more film back from the great Folks down at Image finishers (http://imagefinishers.com/) and got a few really cool shots to post from a ski trip at the end of January and a Haiti support show i saw early Feb.

I also am in the works of getting a website together to post a greater collection of design, art and fotos that my wife and i have put together over the last few years. I am setting a personal goal to have it up and running by the end of June so we'll see how that goes. As soon as it is up i will post a link here.

On to the art...

Here is Justin Munn, you may know him from a few other shots taken while shredding the guitar on stage with fellow band members of Crimson Refuge. A van full of tired kiddos from our youth group. Good ole Aaron is poking his head out. This was taken with a cheap fisheye and a color gel ringflash. However i am going to have to look into doubling up on the gels cause there really isn't a noticeable difference like those dramatic shots that you see over at the Lomo website. I'll try it out and post back here with some results.

Ok this fellow is Brent Holloman. You may know of him from Beta Radio. This is a shot that was taken at the Satellite Lounge Back earlier this month. Great Tunes! If you get a chance head over to there myspace page http://www.myspace.com/betaradio. If they start playing regularly differently check em out. This was again a colored gell ring flash with little effect from the gels. The background lights were the stars here. I love not knowing what your gonna get when you drop film off at the shop. Little mini Christmas' all year long.

Till next time
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