The Fully Belly Project

I was contacted by a friend who was designing some poster and advertising for a benefit dinner. Turns out they needed some posters screen printed and wondered if i could help out. It was a turn around job that needed to be completed in a few days time.

Luckily the design work had been handled by Signal Design. So all i had to do was burn the screens and get to printing (if it were only that simple). Rachel Hardy of Signal was good enough to bring the paper and cut it down while i finished up the screen prep.

I was unable to make it out to the event but i hear that it was a success. It was also fun to stop in and see the Fully Belly shop, what their plans are and some of the gadgets. All to help others countries that are not as blessed as we are here in the States.

Hop on over to the Full Belly Projects site and read about it your self. You might find that it is something that you would like to get involved in.

Here are some shots of the poster and the mess made printing them.

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