The Thermals Are Coming! The Thermals Are Coming!

Well i have had lots of things on my plate as of late. With that i do have progress to update on. I finally got some time carved out and got down to business on a gig poster for the band The Thermals. They will be stopping by the Soapbox downtown Wilm NC, Monday April 5th (strike that, it's the 12th). I got really excited about it and it was just the excuse i needed to print some gig posters.

I had done a sketch of the singer and intended to follow up with sketches of the drummer and bassist. A poster triptych, where the faces would change but the type and info all stayed the same. Needless to say that i ran out of time and was only able to get the one design pushed through to production. Here is the starter photo, sketch and digital sketch to kick this project off.

There were quite a few changes from this point to the final. A major one was to drop the line drawing altogether and just use shapes to convey the subject. Probably the biggest change is turning you home into a printing space. Setting up is a hassle when you don't have a proper space for your printing projects. Your kitchen/living room/den end up looking like this. I'll probably be cleaning up for a few more days after this.

Here is a shot of the Blue positive (dark black part of the image) over laying the magenta (lighter grey).

The blue screen with the image burned and ready to print.

Printing with friends always makes this wonderful process even more enjoyable. This brown bearded fellow is Brent Holloman. You should really check out some of his work. His photography is pretty close to amazing and his design skills are dern next to a brilliant match.

So here is the how the first color of the print went. Honestly, i'm really excited about how this turned out.

The magenta screen with burned image also ready to roll. Registered the second screen to the first print. Now just mix the ink and get to printing.

My buddy Justin Munn, stopped by to check out the process and lend a hand as well as pull a few prints. After a few mishaps with the magenta being to pink and the issues with the ink sliding under the tape, we were able to get the posters printed!

Personally i enjoy comparing the preliminary sketches to the finished piece and see where the creative journey takes you. Over all i am thrilled with how these came out. If you're able to stop by Wilm NC's Soapbox Laundro-Lounge April 5th (strike again, now mon the 12th) to check this show out you should be in for a good time.


Over all I had a great time. I had started this post wed evening and checked Friday afternoon to show a friend some more dates at the soapbox only to find there was no Thermals show Mon. Needless to say i was a little panicked. It's frustrating when dates happen to change on you. When you're making posters to make posters and exercise the creative juices i guess it doesn't matter in the long run. Might just walk around with sticky notes to all the posters i hung to correct this change in schedule.
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