More Morvil

The past few days i worked on some more screen printing action for Morvil. This is where i live 9-5 Monday-Friday. A publication that we started running some client ads in is putting together a "goody bag" to give away at a function this coming week.

Being the crafty folks that we are, we jumped on some ideas to help drive home the importance of good graphic design and advertising. The coasters have playful and simple messages on them to encourage good design/advertising in their lives.

Our goal is to encourage people to "Shake Things Up" in there advertising. Help them to try looking at advertising from another angle. "Leave Your Mark" on your audience. Creating a memorable brand that over time people know they can rely, respect and trust your company. While remembering "Don't Water It Down".

Allowing for good, strong, well thought out design and advertising to grow and inspire your patrons and employees, is plan good thinking.

Of course, most of the real fun happens back at the office putting them together! Maria found these great rubber band balls that had black rubber bands in them. We thought they would go swimmingly with the designs on the coaster.

Spike, found them wonderfully enjoyable and yet an enigma. Teamwork helps everything go by quickly. Brian F, Spike and I sorted and packaged them for the "goodie bags" the publication was handing out.

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