The Bird May Have Been Killed.

The bird might be dead.

Lydia took the stage with only 4 people Monday night. 2 of the four were there just for the tour. Looks like the rest called it quits early. While talking to Leighton, vocals, i could hear in his words, tone and body language that the break up had taken a toll on him.

I was really excited thought with the reaction that the band had when i showed up with posters i had printed. Hopefully they will help with the gas and food purchases along the rest of the tour. From what it sounds like they might only break them out once they hit their home town in Arizona. Can't really blame them though. I mean hometown heros right. Towns gonna support them with a good showing and merch sales.

Luckily he said that he would continue to write and play music. I am glad to hear that he hasn't washed his hands of it.

I hope that the posters make there way into the hands of some folks looking to have some posters made for them. It is quickly becoming a killer outlet for me to create. I do hope to continue the concept gigposter as opposed to just cranking out posters with designs on them.

Till next time


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