Lydia Finale: A Goodbye and Farewell

So the band Lydia is callin it quits. Unfortunate, you're thinking. I'm right there with you. If your not thinking that , you probably dont know who they are. You can check em out here.

So i took it upon myself to create a farewell poster for them to try and sell on the tour to help with the travel expenses that bands face while they do what bands do. It was interesting to try and come up with a concept for a farewell poster that wouldn't come across cheesy (if this is cheesy, let me know and i shall try and change my ways).

I was sad to hear that they were not going to be putting out music as Lydia anymore so there was a sense of sadness. However like all farewells there usually is a light at the end of a tunnel. At least farewells of friends and loved ones. There are always times when your paths will cross and you can reconnect. From what i am hearin, Lydia is disbanding but a few of the members are planning to continue writing and playing tunes in a different arrangement. And there you have it, The Silver Lining. So all that to say i didnt want a terribly sad or dark poster.

There music tends to the moody side of things as well as the ambient side of rock. Something that hinted at loss but with a sense of mystery about what was really going to happen next. The concept of letting a captured creature back into the wild or the releasing of a bird back into flight came to mind. I wanted to create a little tension by not showing the creature, in this case bird, in the actual poster but to imply its presence. Hence the feathers floating down. The bird represents the members going on to create more music now that they are "free"from Lydia. That sounds like a bad relationship but you get my meaning. Dont know if in fact it will happen or not. Has the bird been struck or flown into something and dead (there is no more music coming from them) or will the bird soar high and find its voice again to sing more songs (which i am hoping is the case).

You can check out the actual gig poster i did for the show over at GigPosters. Granted, i cheated and just added the info to this design but i think it still works and handsome if i do say so my self. If you're interested in owning one of these babys you can buy them from Lydia on tour or drop me an email Reedicus@ec.rr.com. They are not up at Etsy but i plan to soon.



Here is the initial sketch for the poster. Seeing the bird wasn't as interesting as not seeing it.

I tried running a horizontal version of the poster just tto try it out. The format didnt lend itself to the airy openness that i wanted to capture with the release of a bird back to the wild. This layout had to much of a closed of and claustrophobic feel to it. I still like the rendering but had to can it.

First color scheme developed for the poster. In the end i felt that the red and black were to powerful a combination for the poster feel. The teal lends itself to the clean air and openness that i was trying to convey.

Here is the final GigPoster that i created with the show info.

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  1. ...lovin' it! ...at first glance, a Native American blend with a nature's child/freckle-faced farmchild feel...the clouds lending a sense of the spirit of impending adventure...the eyes wistful and searching...scattering feathers and towering cumulo-nimbus clouds imbue a tenor of seeking something beyond that which has flown and grown ...nice! I am not familiar with Lydia but your art makes me want to be ( :